Concrete Permits: What Homeowners Need To Know

If you’re considering pouring a new stamped concrete structure, be it a stamped concrete driveway, a concrete garage floor, or even a concrete patio, congratulations! It’s always an exciting time when you’ve saved enough to make renovations to your home. 

With the limitless potential of concrete at your fingertips combined with the expertise of the professionals at Concrete, you’re bound to be more than satisfied with your purchase.

During the estimate of your project, EJ & Jr Concrete will go over the size and location and also go over fun aspects like color and designs as well. Once all of these things have been discussed and the projects move forward, we will give you a rough estimate of the time frame for your project to be scheduled. In the meantime, figuring out permit requirements for the project is necessary.

What are these, and how do they affect your concrete-pouring dreams?


When it comes to pouring concrete—yes, even on your own property—many cities have laws and regulations in place to keep their residents safe. Getting, or “pulling,” a permit is a way to make sure your intended project complies with all these regulations. Applying for a permit generally can be done in many ways. The most common are applying in person at your local city department or applying online.

Just what kinds of projects need to have a permit on file with your city? That’s all up to local law. However, speaking from our experience as a local concrete company, there are some generalizations:

● Concrete Patios: No need for a permit.

● Concrete stoops: Permits are nearly always required.

● Concrete driveways: Sometimes, a permit is required, sometimes not.

However, again, these are generalizations. Your local government can provide you with area-specific requirements and laws you’ll need to follow. Even if you don’t think your concrete project would require a permit, it always pays to confirm your hunches with a quick phone call to the proper city office. This will save you time and money in the long run by eliminating any potential legal problems. In addition, when you know all laws are being followed, you can breathe easy and feel good about getting excited over your new stamped concrete structure.

As a homeowner, you can expedite the project by pulling your own permit. You can pull the permit which will save you money. When applying for the permit, just add my contractors license information. Get ahold of your city now and learn about your area’s permit requirements today.

Source: creativeconcreteinc

EJ & Jr Concrete is a family owned, all our work is guaranteed. No matter the size of your project, we are ready to do. Effective planning is crucial to the successful completion of any project. Before starting the project, our team of experts will first assess your goals. Then we provide you with an estimate and time-line for completion. From beginning to end you will be involved every step of the way call at +1 832-216-4950.

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