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Concrete Patios in Houston

5 Best Outdoor Features That Add Resale Value To Your Home

Elevate your outdoor living spaces – and your home’s value.

New Patio

A patio feature quickly transforms your backyard into an elaborately decorated, outdoor living experience. Depending on the size and features, some patio features are now being considered an extra living space – significant increase in home value without tax increase.


Stamped concrete. By stamping concrete with the look of expensive stone, such as brick, cobblestones, or slate, you are able to add significant visual improvement with increased cost savings.

Pavers. Although slightly more expensive than stamped concrete, brick paver patios allow for a timeless look and increased resale value.

Outdoor Fire Pit or Fireplace

For many of us, some of our greatest memories involve congregating around a fire with family and friends. We talk about life, look to the stars for questions and their respective answers, and realize how trivial the real world can be.


Great for defining your space and providing moderate shade, pergolas are the best way to give your outdoor living area the feel of an ‘outdoor room’. They also allow for the opportunity to add greenery, lights, and a curtain to keep bugs away on summer nights.


Illuminating and accentuating your outdoor living space is becoming increasingly popular, and increasingly easy to do. Couple this with improved solar lighting, and the possibilities are endless.

Source: Verity Homes

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Concrete Patios in Houston

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